The Smile :)


I have always wondered how people live through their lives without smiling. I think we all have come across  someone or the other who doesn’t smile. While some might think they look cool, I personally love people who smile genuinely. Smiles on faces gives us a reason to believe that the world isn’t such a bad place, don’t they? In a world where depression seems like a common term and where there are more horrible news the second you glance on the newspaper, we need smiles. We do.

Please smile. Just a bit. Let your cheeks feel warm from your smile. Smoothen that frown. Breath. I know everything seems like a roller coaster, I know, I really do. But still, smile just once. I promise you you’ll feel so much better.

Recently, a few of my friends from college taunted me that I told only happy stories, so that got me thinking…so here I am, recounting a personal experience for the very first time in my entire 21 years of life.  Here we go…..  continue reading..


25 thoughts on “The Smile :)

  1. A smile can make a big difference in our daily life. It’s really true. I had a live experience today. The lady that collects our laundry in my hostel, I used to always smile and say a heart felt thank you to her(and I haven’t seen anyone else doing that and there are around hundreds of people visiting her). Today she called me by my name and I was just speechless…..
    Thanks for sharing such an honest post. 😊😊

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